Blood Moon Ritual


A very rare occurrence, the first time in 40 years, the rare Blood Supermoon will light up the night. Eclipses represent an opening portal to a new and higher state of consciousness, which can lead to a to a stir in our emotions. During a Lunar eclipse, a path is often cleared for us and there is a theme of release as we are guided to let go of things that we have outgrown.

Some think that performing rituals during an eclipse is not necessary, but it is best to listen to your intuition. If you feel it is right to cleanse and recharge some energies, this ritual aims to bring love, peace and guidance to your life.

What you will need:

- Cleansing tool such as Sage, Palo Santo, Singing Bowl, Essential Oils

- A new unused candle

- A tool to carve into the candle or marker if the candle is in glass jar

- Lighter


The Third Eye NZ - Singing Bowl


1. Place the candle in the middle of your table. Do not light it yet. 

2. Using your chosen cleansing tool, cleanse your aura and then the space you are performing the ritual in.

As you cleanse your aura, say the following:

"Cycles come and cycles go, it's time to watch this wheel unfold. I cleanse myself from top to toe, I cleanse myself so I can grow. I release the energy that holds my heart, I release the energy of the past. I release this energy so I may shine, I release this energy to the divine. I am cleansed, I am clear. I am cleansed, I am clear. I am cleansed, I am clear."

While you cleanse the space, say the following:

"I release and let go of all that no longer serves me from this space. I release and let go of all stagnant energy that may dwell here in this candle. I clear and cleanse this space, only love and light live here. My space is cleansed, my space is protected. I am whole. I am protected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

3. Close your eyes and begin a meditation

4. After your meditation, place your hands on your heart and say "I love myself."

5. Pick up the unlit candle and carve into the candle all the things you wish to release this Eclipse. Decorate the candle with words or symbols. 

6. Light your candle, watch the flame for a moment allowing yourself to relax into a meditative state. Now let the candle burn away all the things you wish to let go.

7. To finish the ritual, place your hands in prayer position over your heart center and take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude.

8. Blow out the candle.


The Third Eye NZ - Essential Oils - Lotus Oils

Some Essential Oils to use throughout the day and evening to help release what no longer serves you this Super Blood Flower Moon:

Jasmine, Gardenia, Neroli, Rose, Geranium and Ylang Ylang.

Oils for releasing, transforming & clearing include:

Thyme, Sweet Basil, Frankincense, Lemon, Lime, Juniper Berry, Sage, Chamomile Roman, Tangerine and Mandarin.


Happy cleansing tribe! x