Crystal cleansing

The change of seasons is a time for new beginnings and cleansing your space. Cleansing your crystals is a ritual that comes around with every full moon, while sometimes the lunar cycle gets away from us, there are plenty of other beautiful ways to cleanse your collection.

 Pyrite Crystal - The Third Eye

Water Cleansing:

Negative energy can easily be absorbed into our crystals, holding them under a fresh source of water can cleanse the bad vibes out. Using water from a beach is the most ideal source as it combines four elements; Sun, salt, air, and water. While this cleansing option is ideal for the majority of your collection, make sure to check you are not using this method for your more fragile porous crystals, such as Selenite.

Earth Cleansing:

Sometime your crystals need a deeper cleanse, earth cleansing gives your crystals a thorough cleansing. Earth cleansing involves burying your crystals in dry soil and keeping them buried for a month, the full length of a Lunar cycle, from full moon to full moon.

Sound Cleansing:

Using sound waves to cleanse your crystals is another way to successfully clear your crystals of negative energy. Any percussion instrument can be used to create cleansing vibrations. Traditionally singing bowls are used but if this is not accessible, any brass instrument will do.  

Yellow Chakra Brass Singing Bowl - The Third Eye

Sunlight Cleansing:

When using this method, be cautious of the crystals you are using as the sunlight can bleach your crystals. This method is most commonly used for warmer tones, such as red orange and yellow.

Smoky Quartz Cluster - The Third Eye

Sage Cleansing:

Sage cleansing is a great way to cleanse your crystals if you don't have time to wait a longer period of time. While lighting the sage, let the smoke circle around the crystals and cleanse them. You can continue this until you feel the crystals feel clear of any unwanted energies.

Moonlight Cleansing:

Using the moonlight to cleanse your crystals is a very calming ritual. On the night of a full moon, lay out your collection in a clear position of the glow of the moon. Make sure that it is a clear night and the weather is calm. Leaving the crystals overnight with ensure the energy will be reset and your crystals will be powerful and ready to use.

Happy cleansing xx

Selenite Tower Lamp - The Third Eye