Moldavite - What is it?

Moldavite is referred to as the “star born” crystal, it’s a member of the Tektite group of crystals formed during a meteoric collision in Czechoslovakia. The name Moldavite comes from the river that it is usually found near, the Moldau River.

Moldavite Pendant

It is believed to be good for fertility and fortune, these days its known more for broadening your intuition or third eye. It is perfect for aligning your chakras and particularly good for dream work or astral projection. While it is an amazing crystal with some powerful qualities, it is advised that you are aware that it nothing like working with your average piece of clear quartz.


Things to be mindful of before purchasing Moldavite:

  • Moldavite is not a cheap crystal. Depending on the grade, a small coin size piece of Moldavite can cost between $100 - $150+. It is incredibly rare, so if you find a piece that is under $100, it is most likely an imitation. Because of the fade that has exploded around this crystal, a lot of places are selling fake Moldavite.
  • As a powerful crystal, working with Moldavite can cause a few issues. Many people say that they experience headaches, hot flushes, light headed-ness and vivid dreams/nightmares. Be cautious when working with Moldavite and make sure your body is not in a weak state.
  • While working with Moldavite, make sure you have a grounding crystal on you as well, such as Smoky Quartz or Tourmaline. This will keep your feet planted on the ground while exploring the universe.


Moldavite is definitely not a stone for beginners. If you want to explore developing your third eye, try working with less powerful stone to start with such as K2, Tektite or Astrophyllite. These will all create a gentler experience.

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