Recycled Silk Sari

Our range of Silk Sari clothing is a staple to our collection. Not only does our silk clothing provide the perfect Summer wardrobe, it is also a sustainably friendly option. All of The Third Eye’s Silk sari is hand picked and made into unique designs. By recycling old Sari fabric, we are giving the garment a new life as a beautiful piece of clothing. Each piece is handcrafted from a small family run business. The Third Eye understands the importance of sustainable and ethical trading and makes sure all products are sourced from safe and fair working environments. Read about our values in trade here.

We have a huge range of bohemian dresses, skirts, and tops all made from vintage Sari fabric. Each one is unique in its fabric print and all embracing the vibrant colours of India. 

 The Third Eye Silk Sari Clothing

Some of our more unique pieces are one off creating a Summer wardrobe that only you will have. Our best selling Silk Sari Reversible Halter Tops are perfect for a Summer festival. Not only do you get 2 in 1, this design allows you to wear the top in two different styles. 

Recycled Silk Sari Halter Top Reversible - The Third Eye
Recycled Silk Sari Halter Top Reversible - The Third Eye
Our Silk Sari Kimonos are another unique piece of clothing that creates an elegant goddess feel. You will never feel more beautiful then when you are wearing one of our Silk Sari Kimonos.
The Third Eye Silk Kimono