Winter Remedies

Winter is here and with the colder temperatures, it's time to start thinking about ways to stay warm. The Third Eye has some great products that can help you stay cozy during the winter months. Here are some remedies that you can try out:

1. Layer up: This might sound obvious, but layering up is one of the easiest ways to keep warm. Start with a thermal base layer, followed by a warm sweater or fleece, and finish it off with a poncho or shawl. The Third Eye has some great woolen blanket shawls that are perfect for layering.

a close up of a pile of woolen colourful patterned blanket shawls

2. Warm drinks: There's nothing like a hot drink to warm you up on a cold day. Teas and herbal remedies can help you stay warm and healthy. 

3. Heat packs: If you're feeling particularly chilly, try using a heat pack to warm yourself up.

4. Woolen socks: Keeping your feet warm is essential during the winter, and woolen socks are the perfect way to do it. 

5. Essential oils: Essential oils can help to warm up your body and provide a range of health benefits. The Third Eye has a great range of essential oils, including lavender and peppermint, which can help to soothe sore muscles and relieve stress.

three bottles of essential oils next to each other on a plain white background with a silk pouch lying next to them

There are many remedies that you can try out to stay warm during the winter months. The Third Eye has some great products that can help you stay cozy and healthy. Whether it's layering up, drinking warm drinks, using heat packs, wearing woolen socks, or using essential oils, there's something for everyone. Stay warm and stay healthy this winter!