Winter Solstice Self Care Rituals

What does the Winter Solstice mean spiritually?

Many festivals and celebrations have been held throughout history to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Across many different cultures, this important event marks the 'Sun's rebirth' and is believed to hold a powerful energy for regeneration and renewal. 

What are some traditions of Winter Solstice?

- Ancient Romans would celebrate the god of agriculture. The celebration would be the whole week leading up to the Winter Solstice.
- In the UK traditionally gather at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise and sunset on Winter Solstice. It is believed that Stonehenge was used to track the annual movement of the Sun.
- The Japanese believe that the Sun gets stronger from this day, bringing with it good fortune for the people, it is known as Toji.
- The Chinese call the Winter Solstice Dong Zhi meaning 'winter arrives'. People celebrate and welcome the return of longer days.
- The ancient Norsemen in Scandinavia celebrated Yule on Winter Solstice.

    How to celebrate Winter Solstice in New Zealand?

    Winter Solstice in New Zealand is the perfect time to hibernate in our warm cosy homes and take time to nurture ourselves with some self-care. We often forget to look after ourselves, but it is important to remember that when we do look after and nurture our soul, we have so much more to offer those around us. Here are some simple ways to recharge on a cold Winter day.

    Take a bath:

    The perfect way to take some time out is to take a long soak in a hot bath. Fill your bath and add a little something to heighten the experience. Essential oils are always a good go to. Lavender always creates a relaxing aroma, which makes it easier to sink into the bath. Epsom salts are another way to add some extra relaxation to your bath. Epsom salts help ease aching muscles and the magnesium helps aid sleep and stress reduction.

    Relaxing Bath Ritual - The Third Eye

    Take a walk:

    Put on your favourite Third Eye Winter Jacket and take a gentle stroll in a beautiful environment such as a park, a beach or even a bush walk is the perfect way to take time for yourself. Reconnecting with nature as you listen to the sounds around you, this offers a conscious moment of meditation.

    Read a good book:

    Find a cosy spot, turn on your Himalayan Salt Lamp, settle in and lose yourself in a good book. Nothing beats switching off from the busy world around us and losing ourselves in another world.

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    Make a cup of tea:

    Warm your soul with a steaming cup of tea. Choose a tea that is full of antioxidants to support your health. Also make sure you are choosing something to compliment your mood. To relax choose Chamomile tea, for anti-inflammatory choose Ginger, for flu support choose a Lemon tea.

    Make a healthy meal:

    Create a beautiful healthy meal to share with your family. Load it with plenty of healthy and nourishing ingredients. Nothing makes you feel warmer and content then being full with delicious heathy food.


    Make a conscious effort to add some of these remedies to your everyday routine. Nurturing yourself is a very important part of life, especially in Winter. It can be as simple as choosing a beautiful quality natural soap for your morning shower and immersing yourself in its scent while taking a moment to meditate. Each act, from tasting a beautiful tea or immersing yourself in nature, is an important opportunity for self-care.


    Happy Winter Solstice Tribe x