Kimonos and Kaftans

 Our range of Kimonos and Kaftans are made from 100% recycled Silk Sari. Each pattern is handpicked by Kim herself. Then handcrafted by a group of artisans in India, into beautiful garments. The vibrant colours and detailed patterns make these pieces so unique, no two are the same. 

Brunette girl wearing golden kimono standing on west coast new zealand beach leaning on old tree

Each year Kim carefully selects the patterns she knows will make the most breath-taking Kimonos and Kaftans. The making process takes some time, as each one is hand made. Here is where we value the process of slow fashion. Giving the artisans the freedom and flexibility to craft.

Girl wearing gold kimono on west coast new zealand

We believe that everyone becomes a true goddess in one of these very special pieces. The effortless look is achieved by pairing one of the pieces over anything – transforming any look into that of a true goddess.


Unleash your inner goddess today