Spring Rituals

Ways to honour the season of Spring and all she brings

Bring on the joy of spring, smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the earth, plant seeds, listen to the birds sing, journal your dreams, nourish with healing foods, and shed the limiting ways of being.



Wake up before the crack of dawn on a clear morning and find a comfortable spot to watch the sunrise. Wrap yourself in a Third Eye Wool Shawl Blanket. To make the most of the day, even bring along your yoga mat and welcome the new day with a sun salutation.

The Third Eye NZ - Spring Sunrise through trees overlooking the still water



Create a space to celebrate Spring. By collecting fresh flowers, grass, branches from the past season. Light candles, burn white sage, even open the windows of your space to let the fresh Spring air to flow around you. Then when you are ready, take a moment to reflect the passing of the Winter months. Remembering all the moments that have brought you inspiration over the past season. Take deep breaths and visualise all that Spring is about to unfurl. 

The Third Eye NZ - Spring Meditation on soft bed with candles and sage



Write down all your intentions for Spring in a beautiful diary. Whether you intend to start stretching, breathing, or even meditate more. Write down all of your personal goals, no matter how small or big of an impact you want it to have. This is a great way to keep track of your progress and also the perfect way to reflect in the next season.

The Third Eye NZ - Journaling


Plant a seed

Whether you have a full garden or only a windowsill, planting a seed is a great way to celebrate the season of Spring. Growing vegetables to nourish your body is an extra bonus.

The Third Eye NZ - Spring Planting Seeds